Taihao abs double shot dessus des touches pour le bricolage jeux clavier mécanique de couleur rouge vert bleu violet wihte noir dolch rose

Mots-clés: top rose, chapeau noir touches, clavier mechan, clavier sans fil, la lumière rose de touches, clavier keycap, keycap pbt, teclados mecanicos, v keycap, fr pbt keycap.

  • Disponible
  • w10601

  • L'Opération De Style: Mécanique
  • Type D'Interface: Bluetooth
  • Clavier Standard: 104 Touches
  • Style: STANDARD
  • Le Nom De La Marque: DURGOD
  • Langue: anglais
  • Type: Filaire
  • Application: Nombre


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Taihao 104 ABS Doubleshot Touches

Pls Payer attentions:Dans ce lien, nous ne vendons que des touches,ne comprenant pas le clavier.

Spécifications OEM profil de Cerise/similaire clone commutateurs ABS doubleshot 104 touches Inclus Keycap extracteur

Shipping fast and this 쁩.
Good kickups. I thought they would be slightly thicker, but in comparison with the native of korsara (K63) and logitek (G503) it feels more dense. I took black and green colors. They are not translucent (non-shine-through). I thought to use with illumination, just so that the light was between the kikapov-that's enough for me. But it's the green ones that shine through. As a result, they spoil the appearance. With black there is no such thing. Seller recommend. I ordered everything from them at once (board, case, diodes, kikapy). The seller is sociable, he told me a lot. You can solve the question of returning payment for delivery (you must write in a personal, explain what to do). I have in the order had diodes with paid delivery, everything else with free-returned to the PayPal after receiving the order (there is an option when placing an order, but he somehow did not work out so).
Absolutely stunning keycaps for this price! Best keycaps I have purchased so far from Aliexpress for this price category.

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