LTWOO R7 2X10 Vélo de Route Manettes 2x10 Levier de Vitesse Frein de Vélo de Route Dérailleur Compatible pour la route 10s R6800 R4700 Claris Sora

Mots-clés: levier de vitesse shimano, m6100, ltwoo 12 vitesse, vtt levier de vitesses, 7 vitesses dérailleur, les pièces de vélo de grandes, bicycl, 3653, groupe shimano, 1 11 shimano.

€34.82 €45.22
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  • w788

  • Type: Dérailleur Arrière
  • Matériel: L'aluminium
  • Le Nom De La Marque: LTWOO
  • Origine: CN(Origine)
  • Engrenages: 20 Vitesse
  • Composants: Dérailleurs
  • Numéro De Modèle: SENSAH QUANTIQUE / LTWOO R7
  • Capacité Totale: 37T, cassette 11-32T

Compatible Avec Shimano

LTWOO Vélo de Route, levier de vitesses 2x10 Vitesse de Frein pour 4700 Tiagra Sora groupe • Plus de levier de vitesses levier pour améliorer la portée de la hotte.Levier de verrouillage du mécanisme d'éliminer déplacement pendant le freinage opération de Changement de Frein 2X10S la Bande de Serrage: 22.2+0.2/24+0.2 mm Compatible avec Shimano 234g

EMPIRE 2x11 Route:



Excellent price and quality.
Live Manu
Compatible with Shimano 10s is well. Brake lever supporting point slightly above the grip strength parts if family brake operation some easy but, stroke length. 5700 lever replace the data, front derailleurs set did is not difficult, operation is 5700 and similar level. Hand small women free brake shifting all operation this implies a little easier. Rear derailleurs shifters for operating this generator is used, cable installation problem was. Medium solid in old solid shifting was the 2nd single move or 1.5 only the chain this is the sound or if the lot.. It sounds when up or down shifting once more, if not solve no lever self problem of such data, know writing Cotton will not matter is in use. Shimano shifting operation than whell whell. Octopus Car brake lever with strong side impact this has on embellishment cotton hand lever branch of breakage is likely squeeze, main Dish Oh breakage occurs brake tamperproof must be brought to fold the sliding. So drop bar fixed on the info about the the strong shock once lever full back and to absorb shock installation. Odometer full installation and grasp of these things.
AD visually excellent product and description.

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